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The medical billing books website will guide you through every aspect of entering into the medical billing from home industry.


Hello, Future Home Based Medical Biller…
You’ve Come To The ONLY Place On The Web Where You Can Learn The 20 Step Method To Properly Set-Up & Start Your Medical Billing From Home Career/Business!

***All the advice and medical billing books I mention on the medical billing business headquarters website gives you up-to-date, step-by-step instructions to follow compared to you learning by trial and error like my peers and I did!***


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Medical Billing Books FACT #1: This 108 page, step-by-step guide is highly endorsed by the industry’s leading business experts, associations and organizations.

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Unlike those who got scammed (including myself, yeah that’s right I was new to this at one time too ya’ know, lol) you don’t have to worry because the medical billing books team put this website, the medical billing home business bible and the supplemental medical billing ebooks section together so you’ll know every company that has proven themselves over time to fully support, contribute to and continuously add value to the home based medical biller, business owner and the industry in general!

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FACT #2: The majority of people that enter the medical billing at home industry fail miserably because they have done little to no research at all and they don’t have anyone guiding them through the process. That’s why online medical billing course vendors, software vendors, opportunity vendors, clearinghouses, etc., get away with scamming them.


Allow Me To Be Very Candid: The medical billing books, this website and every resource I mention here are the one’s I use to mentor all my students on correctly setting up and starting their medical billing from home career as a professional. The first thing you need to know is that medical billing from home:


Is NOT a get rich quick type of business,


Is NOT as easy to start as some would have you believe,


Is NOT for those with lazy or procrastinating mentalities and most importantly,


Is NOT for those that are Know It All’s and think they can succeed without the help of others.


Look, I’m telling it to you the way it is with NO sugar-coating, hype or false promises because that’s all I got when I first started out and I Almost Bankrupt Myself behind putting incorrect information into action.



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My name is Paul G. Hackett and it’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance!


Listen… I could go on for days about who I am and list all my accomplishments but I really created the medical billing books webpage specifically for your benefit, not to talk about myself so…


If you really want to get to know me and find out why I’m know in the healthcare industry as “The Medical Billing, Coding & Transcription Mastermind” please click here.



Here’s A Brief List Of What You’ll Learn When You Download Your Personal Copy Of The Medical Billing Home Business Bible:


1) Are there any legitimate work at home medical billing jobs?


2) Is doing medical billing from home a viable business or is the market over-saturated?


3) Do I need any prior healthcare experience in order to get started ?


4) Financially, what will it cost me to start a home based medical billing business?


5) Realistically, what is the time frame for me to get my business up and running?


6) As a home based medical biller/business owner how much money will I make?


7) In the eyes of the law how do I correctly set up my business entity?


8) How does HIPAA impact me as a medical biller and my potential clients?


9) Which medical billing “Scam Companies” must I avoid?


10) How do I evaluate and pick which online medical billing certification course to take?


11) How do I research and choose the best medical billing clearinghouses for my business needs?


12) How do I research, evaluate and pick which medical billing software to use?


13) What are medical billing opportunity packages and should I invest in one?


14) Where do I go to get additional examples of:

  • Updated HIPAA rules and regulations,
  • Newly made marketing and sales materials,
  • Updated compliance plans and rules,
  • Newly made telephone and face-to-face marketing scripts, and
  • Any new forms I may need to familiarize myself and clients with.

15) What additional hardware and software will I need to run my business smoothly?


16) Which type of medical billing services should I offer to potential clients?


17) How much should I charge clients for my services?


18) How do I go about marketing my medical billing business/services?


19) What must I do and say to convince doctors and their staff to secure their business?


20) How do I increase the amount I earn from the client’s I already have?


21) What do I need to bring on EVERY interview to ensure things go smoothly?


22) Where do I go to network with more experienced medical billing business owners?


23) Are there any more medical billing books I should read to better my odds of success?


That’s just a few questions you will get clear and concise answers to and… I go beyond that by including the website addresses, contact names and phone numbers to every company I mention within the ebook to make things ultra easy for you!

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Your $22 Medical Billing Home Business Bible Purchase Is Covered By A Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! The Medical Billing Books Mentioned Here Are Immediately Downloadable 24 Hours A Day, Via Secure Servers So Get Your Copy Right Now! Please Remember, The Medical Billing Home Business Bible Ebook IS NOT Only For Beginners…


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Did A Medical Billing Professional Or Association Refer You To The Medical Billing Books Website?

If so, they ONLY did so because they TRUST in the quality of advice contained within the medical billing home business bible ebook so Listen To Them and download your copy today.


Listen: The most important reason for purchasing the 20 step medical billing home business bible ebook is that you will know based on facts if pursuing medical billing from home as a business venture is the right career move for you or not!


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Let’s Keep It 100%…
If You Are Considering Pursuing Medical Billing From Home AS A Career/Business, You Owe It To Yourself To Read The Medical Billing Home Business Bible Before Deciding To Take The Plunge!



medical billing books home business bible gurantee imageYour one-time investment today is $22,


I promptly honor all refund requests up to 60 days from your original date of purchase,


This medical billing business book is immediately downloadable, is 108 page in length and can be printed out if you choose to put it in a binder, and


It is viewable by both PC and MAC users.


So What Are You Waiting For —> instantly download the medical billing home business bible even if it’s past 2 AM by clicking the add to cart image below right now:

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Click this link to have the “Paperback Version” shipped to you from Amazon.com


I want to thank you for reading through the medical billing books website today.


  Here Is To Your Success,



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  “The Medical Billing, Coding & Transcription Mastermind”


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